Unit Prices – Independent Practice – Web page No. 121

Unit Prices – Independent Practice – Web page No. 121

Answer: ten ? 2 = 5 Split what number of musical by quantity of adverts

Concern nine. What for 2 shell out-as-you-wade mobile businesses is given. an excellent. What is the device price into the dollars each hour for each and every team? On the Telephone call: ____________ cash per hour Cam Big date: ____________ cash per hour

Answer: Divide the cost by the number of hours for each company to find the unit rates. On Call: 10 ? 3.5 = 2 \(\frac<6><7>\) ? 2.86 Talk Time: 1.25 ? \(\frac<1><2>\) = 2.50

Matter 9. c. Can you imagine? Some other team has the benefit of a performance off $0.05 each and every minute. How would the truth is the unit rate hourly? ____________ dollars hourly

Answer: Since there are 60 minutes for the 60 minutes, $.0.05 a minute is actually 60 ? 0.05 = $3 by the hour. Therefore the unit speed per hour try $step 3.

Question 9. d. Draw Results Is the rate in part c a better offer than simply On Phone call or Speak Time? Explain datingranking.net/pl/firstmet-recenzja. ____________

Types of less than: ____________

Answer: The device rate simply c is actually greater than the device cost regarding region a so this isn’t a far greater package compared to almost every other a few people.

Question 10. Represent Real-World Problems Your teacher asks you to find a recipe that includes two ingredients with a rate of \(\frac<2>><3>>\). a. Give an example of two ingredients in a recipe that would meet this requirement.

Answer: A speeds from dos/3 equipment means around need to be dos devices out of step one element for each and every 3 tools of another ingredient. An example you certainly will after that feel 2 egg for each 3 glasses of flour. Several other example you can expect to dos teaspoons off vanilla for each step three teaspoons of sugar.

Answer: Zero, the speed would not change. Using the analogy We offered partly an effective) off dos eggs for every step three cups of flour, tripling the brand new meal would want playing with step 3(dos eggs) = 6 eggs step 3(step three cups of glucose) = nine glasses of flour. While the 6 eggs/nine glasses of flour = dos egg/3 cups of flour, the speed is still an identical.

Question 11. A radio station needs DJs to tackle dos ads for each and every ten songs it play. What is the device rate out of sounds so you’re able to adverts? ____________ audio for each and every advertising

Question a dozen. Multistep Terrance and you may Jesse are training for some time-range competition. Terrance teaches at a level out of six kilometers all half hour and you can Jesse teaches at a level off 2 miles all the fifteen times. an effective. What is the tool speed in the miles per hour per athlete? Terrance: ____________ mi hourly Jesse: ____________ mi each hour

Answer: Discover the product rates for each athlete by breaking up the amount away from kilometers of the level of instances. Keep in mind that ten full minutes try 1/cuatro out-of an hour or so because there are an hour inside a keen time fifteen ? 60 = 1/4 good) Terrance: 6 ? 1/dos = 6 ? dos = 12 mph. Jesse: dos ? 1/cuatro = 2 ? 4 = 8 mph.

Question 12. b. How long will each person take to run a total of 50 miles at the given rates? Terrance: ______ \(\frac\) Jesse: ______ \(\frac\)

Answer: Divide the number of miles by the unit rates found in part a to find the time. Terrance: 50 ? 12 = = 4 \(\frac<1><6>\) hours Jesse: 50 ? 8 = 50/8 = 6 \(\frac<1><4>\) hours

Question 12. c. Sandra runs at a rate of 8 miles in 45 minutes. How does her unit rate compare to Terrance’s and to Jesse’s? ______ \(\frac\) mi per hour

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