Madlove, and you may mobile phone records along with no-one possess inquiries the resort phone operator one allegedly hung up into Vicky

Madlove, and you may mobile phone records along with no-one possess inquiries the resort phone operator one allegedly hung up into Vicky

As well as why must Chris need anxiety tablets of bodyguard in the event the, such as the pics show, this new package from stress pills try shoot in the hotel room?

It’s suicide: Body-guard during the space fixing computer. Give Chris dos pills. on mobile which have wife. Spouse phone calls body guard to go check into him within 1215 in the morning. he could be holding about restroom home, when they stop it inside the, he falls which will be just how he has the blood spatter! And that is their airplanes solution ripped right up. –

You to definitely citation was his made use of admission out of Nyc to Detroit. Not like he had been upset and you may tore right up their come back pass back into Nyc. Very, the fresh new citation doesn’t very imply things otherwise confirm something. And i won’t diving to findings and you will say “It is committing suicide” as opposed to further investigation of all of the facts. Extremely?

Into cops declaration. Martin bodyguard told you he merely knocked the surface doorway maybe not toilet doorway. He said as he stepped during the bathroom home is open and you will he could pick Chris base from the opening. And swab take to out-of martins hands are not martins hand. the guy who’s becoming swabbed during the pictures that is assume is martin in the world does not have a charm mark-on right hand and that’s hairy. Unlike martin who’s blond locks towards his ft with no hair toward their fingers or arms.

Ruby3 , Martin asserted that he knocked the doorway to get in space just after and you will allegedly that was enough to tits latch( not a way) and this he had so you’re able to stop door resulting in bedroom 6 x’s to get it exposed. Doesn’t seem sensible. In terms of photo, there was a black a wedding ring on hand during the photo collectively which have a blue bracelet worn by police and you can ems . You need to attempt below chris’s Fingernails to own dna?

Bodyguard took on the home to your hotel room and also the doorway into room, not the bathroom home. The restroom home are open specific and bodyguard told you he might get a hold of his foot. It grabbed your off which can be purportedly as to why it grabbed very miss CPR to begin with. Could it possibly be very one to hard to get dead-weight right down to a floor and you may I am not being funny along with just how long do they test unhook a ring around somebody’s neck?….. Stalling much? I find they strange it taken place inside the a great MGM resort, same as Vegas slaughter is done in an effective MGM resort. About the security camera, in the event the resorts has actually individuals operating around have been doing work in coating it up, it could be possible for these to circle across the clips footage to really make it appear to be no one entered. Otherwise somebody could have joined thanks to a window and you will left one to means. Lastly, undoubtedly, how will you hang your self with the a beneficial eight base restroom door with some thing that’s first objective is always to expand? Easily is investigating i would begin by checking footage to possess signs and symptoms of nasty play.

Martin have an obvious charm mark on his right-hand best regarding cardio

When the restroom door is unlock then exactly how try exercise ring frozen. Once the the guy purportedly installed himself of bathroom home following doorway got to be closed forband are kept positioned. Together with I seen in cops pics this 1 picture appearing band draped over the top of-door however, various other photograph showed band outrageous from a sliding home due to the fact almost every other photograph try a moving door. Along with when it are a moving doorway it appears to be it would be unable to close door incase home actually signed somehow next band couldn’t become kept in place

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